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Turbulators and Us.

The Turbulator Division is a star division of Concept Engineering International a heat transfer focused engineering company with over 90% of its products exported to developed markets. Our Wide range covers most turbulator types. We have been making turbulators since 2003 and marketing them since 1999.
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Basic Principles behind turbulators

A fluid flowing through a tube unless in turbulent flow tends to form a film at the tube wall which impedes heat transfer. A Turbulator breaks this film and makes the flow turbulent raising the effective Reynolds number. This increases heat transfer in the case of heat exchangers, as well as induces mixing and reactions in inline mixers and reactors.The turbulence created also...
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Product and design philosophy

Most of our turbulators use wire, as it gives a low pressure drop and high turbulence. Wire based turbulators are the...


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Flexible Turbulators

Flexible or wire petal turbulators are the most efficient and cost effective turbulator type.
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