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The Turbulator Division is a dedicated high priority division of Concept Engineering International a heat transfer focused engineering company with over 90% of its products exported to developed markets including Austria, USA, Australia, UK, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE, Mexico among others. Our range of turbulators is indeed very wide and covers most turbulator types.

Our range of turbulators is indeed very wide and covers most turbulator types. We have been making turbulators since 2003.




Possibilities offered by Turbulators:

We also mass produce the conventional and popular twisted tape type turbulators.

Turbulators can make equipment significantly compact. Their use is warranted in the following instances:

  1. Viscous tubeside liquids.
  2. Low Reynolds number in tubes.
  3. All oil coolers and thermic heaters.
  4. Gasses in the tube.
  5. Falling film evaporators
  6. Static mixers
  7. Inline reactors 
  8. Where reduction in fouling is required
  9. Where condensate needs to be drained from tube walls thus removing the film barrier while turbulating  the flow. (as in vertical tube Steam air heaters and condensers).

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