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Rigid center rod wire turbulators

Rigid center rod wire turbulators allow a much higher wire loop density. Here a rigid central rod has loops (Oval shaped) soldered to it. The Turbulator is then soldered to the tube walls or end brazed inside the tubes giving a strong fit.



  • A very high concentration of loops.

  • The loops if tube soldered, give very good bonding and heat transfer by conduction in addition to turbulation.

  • Can withstand high pressure.

  • Can be offered in carbon steel, stainless steel 304/316 and copper.


  • Higher cost.

  • Once installed, cannot be removed. As turbulators brazed/soldered in tubes.

  • Depending on grade specified, Solder will melt at 180 /290 degrees C. Hence  unsuitable at higher temperatures. 


In case it is desired to solder the turbulators inside the tubes, then it is best to order the turbulators already inserted in the tubes at our factory. (Basically buy turbulated tubes ready for use).

In case this is not possible, insertion is to be done by pushing the turbulators completely into the tube. The ends can then be brazed to the tube wall securing them in place.

It is also possible to provide these turbulators with hooks at the end which can then be threaded by wire securing them in place in the same procedure as described in the insertion and securing procedure for the twisted tape Turbulator.

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