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Twisted tape turbulators

The twisted tape turbulator is a widely used type of Turbulator  and we make them in large quantities. This type is featured in the HTRI software as a generic product so customers can do their own design.  (A type of wire Turbulator is also featured but as a proprietory product of  Calgavin and customized as per their models.)


Materials of Construction

  • Carbon steel
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel 304, 316
  • Copper
  • Other stainless steel types.

Installation of twisted tape turbulators

Installation of twisted tape turbulators is quite easy. You just pass the turbulators into the tube gently sliding it in. At the time of ordering the turbulators you must allow a slight clearance between the I'd of the tube and the OD of the turbulator so that insertion is easy.

At either end of the twisted tape turbulators we provide a 5mm hole. Since the tubes are lined up in the exchanger, the best way to secure the turbulators is to pass a wire throughout the holes of all the turbulators in every line of tubes. The wire ends are then twisted so that the wire is secured and cannot slip through the hole. This effectively stitches up the turbulators inside the bundle.

This needs to be only done at the inlet end but if you like you can also do it at the other end as abundant caution.

When you wish to remove the turbulators for tube cleaning, all you need to do is snap the wires.


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