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Flexible or Wire Petal turbulators

Flexible or wire petal turbulators are the most efficient and cost effective turbulator type. It is easy to fit, and also easy to remove. It can be cleaned and reused a few times.


Our Wire petal turbulator is constructed so as to maximize turbulence while minimizing pressure drop.

This is achieved by twisting wire into many circular loops arranged concentrically in a "feather duster" formation around a spine formed from the wire itself.

This feather duster formation slants all the loops slightly in one direction. There is a hook at one end which enables for an easy pull through the tubes. As they are made from cylindrical wire, there are no sharp edges. This prevents any damage to the tubes (specially non ferrous tubes).

The loops press against the tube wall in a pressure fit. The slant of the loops being in one direction it is easy to pull the turbulators in the direction of the slant for insertion but rather difficult to pull it out in the other direction. The fluid flows into the face of the loops hence pressing them against the tube wall increasing the pressure fit.

As abundant measure anchors can be provided if required to further hold the turbulators in place in the face of very high pressure.

Advantages of Flexible or wire Petal turbulators.

  • Light weight, flexible and cheap.
  • Easy to install, remove and reinsert after cleaning.
  • Very efficient.



We can offer for all sizes of tubes from 3/8" to 1.5". 

Loop Density 

For Each tube OD we can offer a wide variety of  Loop densities

from Low density to Ultra High as well as custom densities. 

Material of Construction

  • Stainless Steel 304
  • Stainless Steel 316
  • Carbon Steel
  • copper
  • Brass
  • Monel
  • Fecralloy

Inserting flexible turbulators

These turbulators can be easily pulled through in the illustrated direction but offer very great resistance to pulling the other way.

In case it is desired to very firmly anchor the turbulator in position, the anchor can be provided as illustrated in the illustration above and the photograph above.

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