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Turbulators in vertical tube condensers


Turbulators in vertical tube condensers and vertical tube steam air heaters

Where condensation happens inside vertical tubes, significant performance enhancement is achieved using flexible wire petal turbulators inserted with the loops facing upwards. This is because:

a) The condensate film forms a laminar layer impeding heat transfer. The Turbulator breaks the film and      increases heat transfer and hence condensation.

b) The condensate is diverted to the center of the tube removing its barrier forming potential significantly increasing the heat transfer at the tube wall.

c) The contact points of the Turbulator and tube encourages drop formation at those points. These drops of condensate are drained away towards the center of the tube by the wire loops.

d) The condensing gas is also turbulated increasing its contact with the cold tube wall.

e) This system is superior to putting the tubes horizontally as in such an arrangement the condensate settles at the floor of the tube reducing effective heat transfer area and in the case of steam condensate can cause knocking.

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