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Finned Hollow Rod type turbulators

Finned Hollow Rod type turbulators are especially useful when the liquid in the tube is very viscous and also where the viscosity varies greatly with temperature. In such a case the liquid near the tube wall develops a very high viscosity and forms a tunnel through which the  hotter lower viscosity liquid passes through. This viscous layer becomes a barrier to heat transfer.

The finned hollow rod type Turbulator has been designed for such applications. It consists of a tube whose ends have been blocked off forming a hollow rod.

This hollow rod is then finned with oval loops of wire (Like in the rigid center rod wire turbulators). With this type of loop it is possible to give a very high concentration of loops.


Not suitable for very high temperature as depending on type of solder used, it will melt at 190/290 degrees centigrade.

Cannot be used for tubes with a diameter of less than 1" OD.

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